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adFrame Quick 100×200 wersja 2.0 w torbie na kółkach – suvarijuotas

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Why is it worth choosing the adFrame Quick 2.0 advertising lightbox?
Advertising lightboxes are among the most effective solutions in the advertising market. They are eagerly used during various promotional events, fairs, or conferences. Discover why you should opt for our adFrame Quick 2.0 advertising lightbox and what benefits using this product brings.
Advertising lightboxes – an effective advertising tool
The lightbox you are currently viewing is designed to attract attention. The Quick 2.0 models are tall advertising lightboxes, measuring 200 and 250 cm in height, respectively. An advertisement placed on such a product will be visible from afar, making it an excellent way to catch customers’ attention and encourage them to visit your stand. A double-sided advertising lightbox is also a good alternative to the classic roll-up. Not only is it more visible, but its construction also makes it a much more durable solution.
Aluminum construction
Our adFrame Quick 2.0 advertising lightboxes are mounted on an aluminum frame. The use of an aluminum profile complemented by PVC elements makes the structure really light. An advertising lightbox with a height of 200 cm weighs 9 kilograms, and a model with a height of 250 cm weighs 14 kilograms.
Easy assembly and convenient transport
At adsystem, we strive to make our products convenient to use. That’s why adFrame Quick 2.0 advertising lightboxes can be quickly assembled without the need for any tools. This means that if you are heading to a promotion outside your company’s headquarters, you do not need to pack a toolkit. Moreover, we include a handy transport bag with the set, making it easy to carry the product.
Pogo-pin connectors
In our company, we care about providing customers with increasingly better solutions. That’s why the new adFrame Quick 2.0 lightboxes are equipped with modern pogo-pin connectors. This system is characterized by effective energy conduction, resistance to moisture and dust, and durability. Thanks to the use of this type of connection, we were able to eliminate wires, which in the previous version of the product were somewhat cumbersome to use. Now, the lightbox equipped with pogo-pin connectors can be assembled even more quickly and efficiently.
LED lightboxes – High-quality print in a double-sided or single-sided version
At fairs and promotions, an attractive, clear, and effective message matters. That’s why we will place high-quality graphics on the lightbox prepared for you. On the print, you can feature your logo, letters, photos, or other elements identifying your brand. In preparing our LED lightboxes, we use a sublimation printing method. This is not only an ecological solution but also a very precise way of printing. As a result, the material will be attractive, and the message clear and distinct.
Importantly, we can prepare the print in a double-sided version, meaning your advertisement will be visible from both sides of the lightbox. However, if you plan, for example, to place the lightbox against a wall, we also offer single-sided printing.
Advertising lightbox with LED lighting
AdFrame Quick 2.0 are LED-backlit lightboxes. The light sources are distributed in the aluminum frame on its side parts. This ensures even lighting of prints with graphics, making them even more visible. You should also know that to achieve the best effect of our double-sided and single-sided lightboxes, the material we use in production excellently disperses light. As a result, the lightbox has a really attractive appearance.
Where and when will the adFrame Quick 2.0 advertising lightbox be useful to you?
Advertising lightboxes are universal tools for promotion and advertising. They work great in various circumstances. Here are a few of our suggestions for using the adFrame Quick 2.0 advertising lightboxes.
Advertising lightbox for fairs and promotions
The LED adFrame Quick 2.0 lightbox is the perfect way to set up a trade show spot if you’re starting your journey with fairs. A booth built from the lightbox and, for example, promotional podiums will make customers notice your brand among the multitude of other exhibitors.
Lightbox for conferences and meetings
If you’re preparing a conference or industry meeting, LED-illuminated lightboxes will be very helpful in organizing the event and promotion. With their help, you can inform attendees, for example, about the exact location where a lecture is taking place or present advertisements of sponsors.
LED lightbox in offices and cultural institutions
Using advertising lightboxes can be a great alternative to classic roll-ups. Importantly, the aluminum construction with lighting can serve you for a long time, even if you change the graphics over time. In such a case, you only need to order new prints from us that will fit the already-owned aluminum frame.
Lightbox for the office
The products we propose are also an excellent way to advertise inside your company. With the help of advertising lightboxes, you can promote current campaigns among employees, and inform them about important company life events. A single-sided LED lightbox can also be set up, for example, at the reception or in the waiting area. As a result, if you place corporate symbols on the graphics, visiting guests will be able to easily recognize that they have arrived at the right place.
Advertising lightboxes for restaurants and commercial premises
Our double-sided or single-sided advertising lightboxes can also be a great support for the advertising of restaurants and commercial premises. Prints will be a good place, for example, to highlight information about a seasonal menu or changes in the offer or to convince customers to take advantage of additional services.
Technical aspects:

Lightweight, aluminum construction,

Frame width of 8 cm,

Magnets inside profiles,

Pogo-pin electronic connectors,

Textile print bordered with keder,

LED-illuminated lightbox,

Mains power supply.


Width: 100 cm

Height: 200/250 cm

Weight: 9/14 kg


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