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adTent V 6×6-suvarijuotas

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adTent V Advertising Tent – Why Choose It?
Express tents by adsytem are products that will provide solid support in promoting your brand. A tent with your own print and logo will highlight the booth and attract customers to it. See why it’s worth investing in our adTent V advertising tents.
Inflatable tents adTent V – a unique design that catches the eye
The advertising tent you are currently viewing is a special product in our offer. The tent’s construction is open from three sides, and its purpose is not to shield the object placed under it but to expose it. Trade tents of this type are visible from afar and practically invite passersby to enter and thoroughly check what is under it. At the same time, thanks to the canopy, advertising tents with prints provide protection from the sun and UV radiation, improving the comfort of working in the shade of the tent outdoors.
High-pressure advertising tent – ease of use
adTent V express tents also stand out with easy folding. To erect the structure, all you need is to connect it to a pump that inflates the air. This convenient and easy-to-use solution does not require the use of additional tools. The same applies to disassembling the structure. As a result, you will manage to set up a booth even if you have no experience in manual work.
Furthermore, the advertising tents you are currently viewing are high-pressure products. This means that you don’t need to connect them to a compressor during the event to maintain the proper pressure.
Printing in any color with your logo and graphics
We can complement the modern design of the advertising tent with prints of your company’s graphics. This will turn the express tent into another element of promotion and help promote your brand. We prepare prints on durable, impregnated polyester fabric. The material does not absorb moisture, so in case of rain, the tent’s roof will protect your booth.
Reusable system
At adsytem, we focus on the high quality of products and the possibility of using them repeatedly. Advertising tents are durable, so with proper use, you will easily maintain them in their original condition. Moreover, if the print becomes dirty over time, you can easily clean it – just wipe the dirty spots with a damp cloth.
adTent V Inflatable Tent – Where and When Can You Use It?
Although express advertising tents are usually used for outdoor events, adTent V is equally often used during activities in enclosed halls and galleries.
adTent V Advertising Tents for Outdoor Events
A proven way to use tents of this construction, such as adTent V, is at festivals, concerts, or outdoor events. Such tents can protect a gastronomic area, an information point, a registration place for participants in a sports event, etc. Set up outdoors, the tent will attract the attention of event participants and allow for effective use of available space. The advertising tent will also be a good choice for events in gardens, parks, or on beaches.
adTent V Inflatable Tent for Indoor Use
Our adTent V inflatable tents will serve not only outside buildings. They can also be used as pavilions during fairs, markets, or promotions held in halls and galleries. In such a case, the advertising tent provides a sense of comfort in a larger space and helps delineate the boundaries of your promotional booth.
Technical aspects:

inflatable, high-pressure construction,

print on the tent in any color, 

waterproof polyester fabric.


width: 400/500/620 cm

depth: 400/500/620 cm

height: 290/290/330 cm

weight: 16/25/34kg


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